Thursday, June 02, 2011

Praise our God who lives in Heaven

I Shall be playing my favourite Bach Cantata all Day. I haven't got a record player  so will be listening to the Cantata no 11 for Ascension Day    in a version Lobet Gott in seinen Reichen  in German taped from the Radio about 20 yrs ago. John Elliot Gardener has not done my one in his Pilgrimage series through the Cantatas yet. 
C and I are off to take aged Parent to Beverley Minster for HC. We shall listen all the way.  I'm not repeating what I think about on this my favourite RED LETTER Day .

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  1. Have a really lovely day.
    I know Box Hill quite well (or did, 40 years ago) and also used to listen to the Bach Cantatas for years.
    Incidentally I recognise the picture on the record label and was a Kathleen Ferrier fan for a long time in my youth.
    You've inspired me, i feel a blog coming on!