Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I really am one

The Fileygardener in me has realised that I really am one. The long winter spent digitalising 35mm slides ,mine from 1969, my fathers from 1959, my aunts from 1960, is now left for rainy days when spouse is Coming and dining with me. We are back to Jeykll and Lutyens in our small garden. 

Today has been a perfect compost bin day. I  like the green box. It is a perfect perching place for Samson. I am not sure whether it is more effective as a wormery  than as a compost bin of the heap sort. The trouble is that it is very difficult to  aerate, wheras when I just had a heap I could poke it about with a fork from time to time. However, I have never found so many worms in a scant few cubic feet of vegetable half soil as I did today. I enjoyed a weird pleasure in recognising the labels of pineapples and mangoes from Dec  2010 unrotted and proclaiming past fruit salads. I never realised until today that two people could get through so many avocado pears. Not a teabag  left. My new brand rots down immediately, unlike PG tips. All the cardboard from our daily Aynsley Harriot cup a soup boxes was a memory only of Hot and Sour and  Spicy Lentil, not a letter or Logo could be recognized in the compost soup. 
I have emptied all the half-rot on to my old site de heap to await its next resting place after a final rot down. It will finish very quickly now . 

My veg beds are all ready, my Sweet Peas are waiting to be sown, a visit to Reighton is the next job. This is not really a Garden Centre. It is a proper Nursery, complete with Liverworts and acres of must buy  normal plants. It is a place to keep away from really, but I need several sacks of their own all purpose compost.
Not a single Echium pinina x wildpretti has survived the Filey winter. I had hundreds, in the greenhouse , in the garden , and even in the house. My Facebook Group We got an Echium through the winter  will soon get its update, because I didnt.   My Echium russicum is ok it would be if its Russian, my sp. lusitanicum is ok, which is a surprise since it comes from Portugal. 

So , I really am one , a Fileygardener.............


  1. Better Jekyll and Lutyens than Jekyll And Hyde.
    you sound as though you have energy to spare, if so, will you bottle some and send it to me.
    I'm still doing more thinking than working in my small, neglected, over-filled garden.
    By the way, Samson is gorgeous!

  2. Hi Ray! It was guilt that got me going -all the retired of Filey seemed to be busy manicuring their borders, in our garden it is hard to see where the grass ends and the borders start.