Monday, August 30, 2010

Not going to Greenbelt

Well I have been to Cheltenham many times. I know what a Festival is too,well I know all about the Festival Hall , the Filey Festival, Cropredy and Easter and Pentecost. All my Twitter friends seem to be in a Tiny Tea Tent . Colin and I are in our sitting room.  We are not wearing our wellies or queuing up for an eco burger  or a mug of Green tea.
We had a festival all of our own yesterday as we did a BBQ in the garden dodging the downpours and watched sausages nearly take off from the charcoal into the air as the high winds fanned into flame all but our enthusiasm.  Even Samson didnt choose to finish off the black crusted pork offerings or bits of well done kebabs.The rest of the afternoon 4 small under 6's and appropriate adults had a happening in the house, with seminars on Marble Magic,Songs of Praise and Walk the Plank.
Today we have cleared up after our Festival, bagged the rubbish and are already planning the next one.

I am however enjoying the tweets from #gb10. I know that God is the energy that brings order to the Cosmos

God is the energy that brings order to the Cosmos, says Keith Skene from Greenbelt Festival on Vimeo.

Twitter has brought me a vicarious visit. It has also taken me to General Synod, the sitting rooms of 5 people watching football, to one man on a bus home every day, to 3 people on trains, one great friend from a Starbucks every day, my cyber friend in Norfolk as she never stops ,my cyberfriend the Pastor as he writes his sermons and my own never rings but always twitters Godson as he gets his nipper to sleep. I don't have to go anywhere.

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