Monday, June 23, 2008

Adult Baptism

I had the privilege of being at an adult baptism on Fathers Day, albeit by sprinkling. P is the father of two teenage daughters who became Christians at a Pathfinder camp(or the like) at Criccieth in North Wales. The place is well known to Bridteacher Emeritus as it is the place where her own mother became a Christian in the 1930s at a CSSM meeting on the beach.
Anyway, P became a Christian just after his eldest daughter left to go to a Scottish University. He prayed the prayer,took the small step , made a commitment and then decided he ought to tell his Away daughter. She told him to look underneath her sister's bed. Explain here that Away daughter had slept in a bottom bunk bed. When P looked under the bed he found his name DAD writ large. Away daughter had prayed for him every night before she went to sleep, after becoming a Christian herself. I love this true story.

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