Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Early Birds

The drive to the 24 hour Supermarket was a breeze this morning . No traffic at all until the outskirts of Scarborough, then a Police Car. Checked the speedometer.No worries a steady 30mph.
I divert to record that on the journey back from nephews December wedding in Sheffield, some speed camera in Howden recorded a massive 36mph on this Bridteacher, who is now careful to the point of tedium for those driving behind me.I just cant lose another 3 points from my licence. As the sole driver in this marriage I am expected to manoeuvre old red Volvo in all the Supermarket carparks in the Riding and Tescos in Westborough is not easy unless you want to be a 10 minute push from the door.
So at 5 this morning I was really enjoying the drive to town, Mayblossom gleaming, Queen Annes Lace frilling and all the lights at green, especially the Hillstart one at Cayton Bay. Straight into a wonderful parking space, I dont think I have ever been so near to the doors.
What a shame on the Tuesday after the Bank Holiday the doors don't open until 8 o'clock.

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