Thursday, June 22, 2006

Top trumps

Who would have thought that the simple pack of cards downloaded from the Oxfam site would have been such a success ? As FIFA fever spreads like that tummy bug throughout the whole of school, at least years 3 to 6 now know what the letters stand for. The clever cards of 32 qualifying countries draw the children in to a world fronted by football but undergirded with hard facts of what used to be known as general knowledge. I and they have learned without even realising it that in Angola the life expectancy of a human being is less than 46years, and that it has the highest infant mortality rate amongst countries in the World Cup. Children and Miss now know that the highest CO2 emissions are from USA, and that Togo has the smallest population. We have had a good week with these cards. Thank you Oxfam and thank you Gareth Pitchford , your Primary Resources site is really going somewhere. It helped that each winning card and we spun these out, led to the reward of a football sticker card from an album company making millions and probably adding to CO2 emissions.

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